Boho Babes

Once again, I had an amazing opportunity to work with Misti of Pinkfly Photography and Brit Carmichael of OMG Hair Salon on an amazing boho themed shoot!  Here’s a sneak peek!56965607_10218966419097594_1229124648323514368_n57113100_10218966419457603_1913696809868328960_n57029017_10218966419777611_5324733138834817024_n57044256_10218966420297624_5278541736228945920_n57109817_10218966420737635_7159276789519351808_n57101594_10218966421057643_7002642463265390592_n57162441_10218966421417652_5146021138786156544_n57109971_10218966421737660_7813876182486614016_n56954832_10218966422137670_2688367223390601216_ncropped-57034617_10218966418777586_2413712714875535360_n.jpg

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